The Finliti Enterprise Suite

Revolutionary Tools for Wealth Management Built on Behavioral Science 

What We Built

Our software leverages behavioural science to revolutionise how financial entities engage and educate their clients. 

Investment Brokerages, RIAs, and Discount Brokerages benefit from enhanced client retention, increased acquisition rates, and substantial growth in Assets Under Management (AUM).

For ETF Providers, this translates into amplified product visibility and access to novel distribution avenues

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Our Products

We offer a four-tiered approach to financial empowerment all based around our Tier 1 and core product The FIPI Framework. Our products work best when used together, but each tier can be purchased individually. 

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Tier 1 The FIPI Framework

A comprehensive guide designed to better understand your client's personality profile when it comes to investing.

Who's It For?

Wealth Professionals (RIAs, Investment Advisors, and Financial Advisors)


Builds trust and a lasting, easily manageable relationship with your client, while increasing your AUM (Assets Under Management) together with your client.

Tier 2 The FIPI Trading API

The FIPI Trading API

This pioneering API crafts trading algorithms based on The FIPI Framework outcomes, tailored to individual profiles.

Who's It For?

Discount Brokerages and Registered Crypto Exchanges who want a more customized experience with less risk and more security for their retail investor clients.


Finliti's algorithms counteract the emotional biases in investment decisions, reinforcing rational financial actions, reducing zombie accounts, and increasing AUM.

Tier 3 ProfitTaker API

ProfitTaker API

Finliti's ProfitTaker API integrates a payment portal, card program, and distribution algorithm for clients. 

Who's It For?

Investment Brokerages


Allows end-clients to seamlessly access their portfolio distributions in a tax efficient way, while reducing administrative burden for the brokerages.

Tier 4 web3 Virtual Education

🎮 web3 Virtual Education 

An immersive, gamified learning platform in partnership with TerraZero™️ that offers a virtual environment for client education. 

Who's It For?

ETF and Mutual Fund Providers


Enables ETF and Mutual Fund providers to gather user insights, market their products efficiently, giving them an opportunity to showcase new products. Simultaneously, it provides retail investors understanding of investment products allowing them to try-before-they buy.