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We begin with a series of questions that will give you deep insights into your inner wealth warrior and how you perceive risk and opportunity. Through our scientific survey, we’ll determine your Investor Profile, where you’ll be assigned to a Finliti Faction! Upon completion, you’ll receive your feedback through e-mail, including access to your genuine superpowers and vulnerabilities.

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You can learn more with FIPI (Finliti Investor Profile Indicator). FIPI takes a deeper dive into your investing personality by measuring four traits—Zeal (enthusiasm and optimism), Inhibition (caution and indecision), Conventionality (deference to perceived authority), and Swag (overconfidence and independence). You will receive detailed feedback on each trait, helping you better understand your motivations, overcome potentially harmful biases, and reach your maximum potential. Ready for your deep dive? Acess FIPI now!

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