Core Team

Jennifer Schell, CEO and Founder

As Finliti’s Founder and CEO, Jen wanted to create an engaging place to learn about finance and investing. She is a passionate wealth management professional with over 15 years of financial experience at six of Canada’s largest financial institutions.  

When Jen first began her career, she was curious about the stock market but felt intimidated by the information overload and fancy jargon. But, once Jen committed to building a solid foundation of knowledge and principles, she was able to defeat the fear around investing.  Sure— she made her share of mistakes, but it only made her stronger.  By overcoming her fears and biases around money, she realized that there was actually a lot of emotion involved in the investment process. This resulted in Jen’s desire to build an accessible way to invest, where anyone could learn to be successful.  

Learning the rules of the game by understanding risk and its impact on her investments, has allowed Jen to reap the rewards and she believes it can do the same for you. Welcome to Finliti, where you can build your financial future!

Robert Grzesik, Acting Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

As CTO at Finliti, Robert has over 20 years of software development and product experience, mostly in Fintech. He has been on the founding team of two companies that had IPOs, including Voyager Digital Inc. which at one point hit a $3 billion valuation. Throughout his career, Robert has hired and managed over 100 software developers and created large-scale/highly secure applications that had to handle millions of trades per month and billions of dollars in transactions per year.


As a product focused CTO, Robert also strongly believes in good UI/UX, user testing and funnel hacking to drive conversions, revenue growth and profitability. He graduated from the Product School in New York City and stays up to date on all the latest trends in product development/design.


On top of his software experience, Robert also has a Masters of Finance from the Schulich School of Business and a Bachelor of Commerce from McMaster University.

Carlos Pinto Lobo, Lead Compliance

As Lead Compliance at Finliti, Carlos’ career has spanned over 25 years and has involved managing compliance, governance and risk management across various areas within the financial services industry. His areas of expertise include overseeing transactions of futures and options, retail compliance, LCM, SOX, credit, operational risk management, anti-money laundering, privacy regulations and successful business solutions.

Carlos has held positions as Director and VP at CIBC, Deutsche Bank AG, Alpha ATS, and BMO InvestorLine Inc., as well as developing regulatory regimes and ground breaking industry initiatives within the financial sector. His goal is to make sure that Finliti’s community understands how risk can impact their financial objectives to preserve their financial future.

Dr. Stefano Di Domenico (PhD), Behavioural Scientist

Dr. Di Domenico an Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto Scarborough, where he teaches courses on personality and neuroscience. Dr. Di Domenico has published dozens of scientific papers, advancing the modern understanding of intrinsic motivation, personality traits, and decision making. He serves on Finliti’s advisory board and oversees the development of psychometrically valid tools that help people learn about their own cognitive and emotional biases, biases that can stand in the way of making good investment decisions. His goal is to help Finliti develop an assessment and feedback system that gives people the information they need to make sound investment decisions. 

Jonathan Brent, Product Lead

As Product Lead, Jonathan plays a pivotal role in steering the product strategy and vision, ensuring Finliti's offerings aligns with the company's mission and educational goals. He is responsible for guiding the development, design, and launch of key products like the The Finliti Enterprise Suite. 

Jonathan's unique approach to storytelling, integrating comedy and science fiction into both visual and written content, not only enriches the product experience but also makes investment education engaging and accessible to a broad audience. His responsibilities extend to prioritizing product features, overseeing cross-functional teams, and strategic partnerships. 

Mickael Nadeau, Security Consultant

Mickael Nadeau is co-founder of “CYBERDEFENSE.AI”. He oversees the integration of technologies necessary to achieve the company's vision. His expertise is based on the experience previously acquired as director of the software engineering department within a large cybersecurity company, as well as as a member of R&D and vulnerability researcher at one of the leaders American web hosting. His personal research and his involvement in the cybersecurity community have often resulted in conferences or even podcasts to present unusual topics relating to cybersecurity.


Dr. Ernest P. Chan (PhD)

As an advisor for Finliti, Dr. Ernest P. chan (PhD) will be providing guidance with quantitative modelling and applications for software trading. Since 1994, he has been focusing on the development of statistical models and advanced computer algorithms to find patterns and trends in large quantities of data. 

He has applied expertise in machine learning at IBM T.J. Watson Research Center’s Human Language Technologies group, at Morgan Stanley’s Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence Group, and at Credit Suisse’s Horizon Trading Group. He is also the founder and managing member of a quantitative investment management firm, QTS Capital Management, LLC.

Shauna Turner

Senior Exec in Tech, Venture Capital and Healthcare with enterprise leadership experience as Chief Innovation Officer and EVP Research, CEO of a $100M institutional investment fund in Canada and Silicon Valley. Experienced startup CEO in SaaS, with success scaling international growth. 10+ years Board Director experience: Banking, Tech, Venture Capital and Social Impact.

Wayne Chen

Wayne is a pioneer in product commercialization and user experience. He has produced multiple AAA titles such as FIFA, Tiger Woods and The Sims through his career at Electronic Arts. As a technology entrepreneur, Wayne is a leader, investor and advisor in many different business sectors such as FinTech, Blockchain, ESG and Metaverse. Wayne previously served as the CEO of a public company on TSXV, and is currently the CEO of Treetop, a digital media agency.

Ines Lucia Fernandez

Ines is a capital markets and technology leader with experience in North American and European markets. Ines has a broad range of experience across the capital markets ecosystem including technology, analytics, equities lending trading, equity sales, and equities algorithmic trading.